ANALYTICAL (Indirect Loading) BALANCES 0.00001g to 300g

Contech High Precision Balances incorporate advanced Electro Magnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) technology for offering unmatched accuracy and reliability, coupled with unique ADC circuit with inbuilt temperature compensation to offer a very high stability upto a resolution of 6 million counts. All adjustment parameters are programmable to take care of any minor mismatch of different sub assemblies & Balances are configured with these parameters.

ANALYTICAL (Indirect Loading) BALANCES 0.00001g to 300g

Backlite LCD Display
Customized, large, attractive LCD with multiparameter display illuminated by white backlite.
Bi directional RS 232 interface
RS 232 port with selectable baud rate 4800,9600. Various interface formats adopting this Balance in a setup to replace any other leading international brand Balance. Can be configured for an USB interface using optional RS 232 to USB converter.
GSM function
GSM function for paper & cloth quality checking.
Multiple Weighing Units
Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Carats, Mommes, Pennyweights, Grains, tola, Mesghal, Chinese taels.
Percentage Weighing
Display of Reference weight, sample weight, % of sample with respect to reference weight
Piece Counting
Parts calibration using preset quantity of samples or programmable quantity. Automatic count correction for precise calibration.
Fill Mode
1 set point - Indication when sample weight exceeds the set limit.
2 set points – Indication when the sample weight is between the lower & upper limits.
Storage of maximum 200 samples.
Multiple Printing Mode
0,1,2,3 modes for various formats. Pause in case data storage capacity in a Printer is less.
External Calibration
Using preset weights.
Known weights can be corrected to + 15 counts.
Response Time:
User selectable – Slow / Normal /Fast.
Stability Band Width
Stability indicator appears on display with counts variation + 1, + 2, +3, + 4.
Auto Zero Tracking
User selectable 0,1,2,3
Return to Zero Tracking
Variable: 0,1,2,3,4
Display Updation
Speed setting : Fast / Normal.

Moisture Balances

Contech Moisture Balances incorporate rapid Halogen heating with EMFC precision weighing technology to determine moisture content of sample quickly & effectively.

MOISTURE BALANCES (0.001 g - 220 g) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Easy & Fast Moisture Determination.
* 3 types of Testing Methods:- Manual, Time Programmable, Automatic.
* Weighing based on EMFC technique
* Heating by infrared halogen tube heater
* Temperature range upto 200°C (1°C)
* Moisture range: 0.1% to 100%
* Moisture measurement: Unit-
% wet base,
% dry base,
dry weight,
% dry to wet weight
* Display of time, temperature, weight & percentage moisture
* Graphical backlight LCD for displaying weight, setup parameters, testing parameters & results
* RS-232 interface For Connecting to a computer / printer
* Data storage upto 50 tests
* 10 programmable memory
* Time based moisture loss on the graphical display.
* Study of Pattern of Moisture loss by printing/Display on computer screen of online data-elapsed time, present sample weight and percentage moisture loss. Elapsed time interval can be programmed -10,20,30,60 & 120 Seconds


Contech has various options for the Gem & Jewellery Industries – Carat Balances, Gold Balances & Silver Scales. Models include High Precision Balances incorporating Electro Magnetic Force Compensation Technology for Diamond, Precious Stones and Gold. Economy models based on Loadcell technology for less precision weighing in case of semi precious stones and silver.

POCKET SCALES ( 0.001 g - 200 g ) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Multiple weighing units.
* LCD Display with blue colour backlite.
* Auto power off.

SUPERMARKET SCALES Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

Contech has various options for the Gem & Jewellery Industries – Carat Balances, Gold Balances & Silver Scales. Models include High Precision Balances incorporating Electro Magnetic Force Compensation Technology for Diamond, Precious Stones and Gold. Economy models based on Loadcell technology for less precision weighing in case of semi precious stones and silver.

RETAIL SCALE (1g - 35 kg)

* Bright LED display.
* Clear and bright extra display for customer viewing at a distance.
* 100% tare facility.
* Net and Gross weight indication.
* Accumulation of weights in memory.
* RS-232 interface to connect to a computer / printer.
* Audio visual overload indication.
* Optional battery backup.


Contech offers scales for health management, gyms and hospitals. These economy products are battery powered, compact, portable, attractive and convenient for usage.

ADULT SCALES ( 10g to 150Kg ) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Toughened glass top.
* Waterproof, can be used in bathroom.
* Battery operated.
* Battery power saving by switching off Display while no weight on the scale.
* Large LCD display.

INDUSTRIAL SCALES Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

Contech offers total weighing solution for all the Industrial segments with various options. The applications are Table Top Scales, Piece Counting Scales, Platform Scales, Floor Scales, Pallet Scales, Waterproof Scales, Flameproof Scales, etc.

TABLETOP SCALES (0.1 g - 35 kg)

* Incorporates high quality loadcells.
* Multiple weighing units, Gram, Kilo gram, carat, litre, pound.
* Piece counting facility, upto 25 different types.
* Storage of weights in memory and printing, upto 100 weights.
* Power saving mode.
* Bi-directional RS232 interface to interface with computers and printers.
* Set point facility up to 2 limits with relay output (potential free contacts) - optional.
* Auto power off.
* Peak hold facility (Optional)
* Date and time facility.
* Multiple print options with, date, time and weight in horizontal/vertical mode.
* Automatic zero tracking.
* User selectable Tare/Zero mode option with Net/gross facility for minimum use.
* Overload & Shock load Protection
* Bright LED display, high Bright Green LED display (optional)
* Battery backup (optional). Rechargeable sealed maintenance free battery
* Additional display (optional)


Contech manufactures Crane Scales for weighing upto 50 ton. Options available are remote key panel, heat shielding for high temperature application in foundries, Metallurgy and wireless remote Indicator.

CRANE SCALES ( 100g to 2ton )

STANDARD CRANE SCALES (CCS) (0.5, 1 ton) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

  • Rugged aluminum diecast enclosure.
  • 25 mm height LED display
  • Maximum safety overload 200%.
  • Inbuilt sealed maintenance free re-chargeable battery and battery charger (Optional)
  • RF keyboard, operating distance 20mtr. (optional)
  • RS-232 Interface (Optional)
  • Multiple print options with Sr. No, Date, Time & Weight in horizontal / vertical mode.
  • Date & Time entry facility.
  • Multiple weighing units.
  • Storage of weights in memory upto 100 samples.
  • Power saving by switching off the display.
  • Automatic zero tracking.
  • Software linearity correction.
  • Display hold facility.
  • Gross & Net Weight function.
    CCS-500K100 500Kg 100g 4.2
    CCS-1T200 1000kg 200g  4.2




    WEIGHING INDICATORS Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

    Contech Platform Scales are offered with different types of Indicators for different working ambience and application. Flameproof Indicators are housed in special enclosures to meet the stringent requirement for different gas groups and are certified by Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research , Government of India. Batching Indicators are offered with potential free relay contacts for the batching application.


    Platform Scales / Systems are offered with various types of Indicators for different working ambience and application.

    * Selectable weighing capacity and least count through keyboard.
    * High speed A/D conversion
    * Full digital calibration through keyboard enabling easy replacement of Indicator in the system.
    * 3 point linearity correction.
    * Optional Battery Backup
    * Bright LED Display
    * RS-232 Interface (optional)



    Industries require special type of scales based on the ambience of weighing, type of weighing to facilitate the ease of handling of weighing material and increase the speed of weighing. Contech has wide range of special scales like Flameproof Scales for Ammunition factory, weighing of highly explosive chemicals, Waterproof Scales for Aqua Industries, Platform Scales with ramp and roller for ease of loading & unloading of carboy and drums, Milk Weighing Systems for the milk collection units and dairies.

    MILK BOWL WEIGHING SYSTEMS (100 g - 500 kg ) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

    * Platform Scales for small milk collection centers and Bowl type scales for big Dairy Farms.
    * Programmable conversion factor for kilograms to litre.
    * RS232 output for computer interface.
    * Rugged construction to withstand rough usage in dairy farms.
    * Optional stainless steel bowl in S.S.304.
    * Optional stainless steel Construction.



    Accessories offered along with Balances are remote display, Battery Backup, Standard Weights, Motorized Calibration, Printer, Breeze Shield, Flameproof Enclosure,etc.


    In the scales used for trading, a second display facing opposite side of the user attached to the scale on the pole for a clear viewing by the customer is offered. LED or VFD display as per the provision in the scale.


    Force Testing Instruments

    Contech digital force measuring guage is a device used for measuring axial force. This can be used as handheld instrument or attached to a testing bench.

    DIGITAL FORCE MEASURING GUAGE Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

    * Measures compression (push) or tension (pull) forces.
    * Operates on electrical power/battery.
    * RS232 serial interface for computer connection.
    * Various models from 10 to 500 N.
    * Measurement Resolution upto 5000 counts.
    * Measurement units in g,kg,N.
    * Peak hold functions.
    * Incorporates high quality loadcells.
    * Calibration facility (Optional).
    * Storage facility for 100 data.
    * Set point facility.



    STANDARD WEIGHTS Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

    To obtain the best accuracy from precision balances, the balances need to be frequently calibrated using precision standard weights. Contech offers Brass & Stainless calibrated weights. Weights are available in cylindrical configuration.
    Standard weight box of range lmg to 200 grams come in attractive, sturdy polished wooden/ plastic cases.
    Certification Service for the Standard Weights are offered from NABL Accredited Certification Laboratories with traceability to NPL Standards.
    * High precision metrological standard weights and weight box.
    * Complete range : lmg to 200 g weight box and loose weights upto 20 kg.
    * M1, F2, Fl, E2, El, Class weights.
    * Stainless steel, Austenite alloy, Brass material.
    * Calibrated by NABL accredited Laboratory, RRSL (Regional Reference Standard Laboratory), NPL (National Physical Laboratory).

    ELECTRO CHEMICAL INSTRUMENTS Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

    Contech, Multiparameter Meter is the perfect combination of advanced Electro chemical sensor technology with state of the art electronics and software design. This instrument can measure several parameters, like pH, mV, Conductivity TDS, Salinity, Resistivity, Dissolved oxygen & temperature using different electrodes. Large scale integration of circuit using surface mounted components and dedicated backlite LCD with display of various measuring parameter units for different parameters being measured has enabled to use this compact instrument for the measurement of multiple parameters without any ambiguity. This instrument is very useful where all parameters need to be measured like in the field of environmental protection, water quality checking, disease control, biological agriculture, aqua culture & scientific research.

    Multiparameter Meter pH, mv, ms ,µs, mg/L, ppt, %, ppm,oC


    * pH , mV, Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, Salinity, DO, Temperature modes.
    * Automatic or Manual temperature Compensation.
    * 3 point pH calibration.
    * Buffers selectable from 1.68pH, 4.00pH, 4.01pH, 6.86pH, 7.00pH, 9.18pH, 9.20pH. 10.01pH and 12.45pH.
    * Automatic buffer recognition.
    * 1 point conductivity calibration for the entire range.
    * Dissolved oxygen electrode with the salinity measurement feature to achieve automatic salinity & temperature compensation.
    * Automatic air pressure compensation for DO with the help of air pressure sensor.
    * Polarographic type DO electrode offers short polarization time, quick response and precise measurements.
    * Bi directional RS232 interface. Baud rate selectable from 1200,2400,4800 and 9600.
    * Single and continuous print out of measuring parameters.
    * Multiple Printout types. Combinations selectable from Sr. No., pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, Salinity, DO, Date, time and temperature..
    * Real Time Clock.
    * Calibration report as per GLP requirements.
    * Electrode Slope and mV offset display.
    * LCD display with Backlight.
    * Memory storage of 100 measurements.
    * Data logging facility up to 500 results. Data logging interval selectable from 5S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 1M, 2M and 5M.
    * Temperature calibration with respect to solution of known temperature.

    Magnetic Stirrer : CMS - 01 Optional
    For Proper Performance Of DO Meter, Magnetic Stirrer Is Must

    SAMPLE PREPARATION INSTRUMENTS Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters


    Magnetic Stirrer CMS-01

    * Maximum Stirring Quantity : 3 litre water.
    * Microprocessor speed controller guarantees speed accuracy.
    * Speed setting possible only while the stirring is off.
    * LCD with backlite displays for set and actual speed.
    * Stirring Speed Range : 100~1500 rpm with Load
    * Speed resolution : 1rpm
    * Speed Setting Increment : 10rpm
    * Stirrer Plate Top : Stainless steel
    * Stirrer plate diameter : 135mm

    * Dimension (mm) : 165 (W) X 230 (L) X 110 (H),
    * Weight :2Kg approx.
    * Power supply : 100~250 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 20 Watt


    Polarimeter is an instrument used for determining optical rotation of substances. It is also used for measuring specific rotation, concentration & international sugar scale of optically active substances. Polarimeter is ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverages, sugar, cosmetics, oil refinery, chemical industries & also scientific research studies.

    CONTECH Digital Polarimeter is a fully automatic instrument and eliminates the need for manual adjustments thus offering a high degree of measurement precision.

    The polarized light after passing through the sample falling on the analyzer deviates from the optical zero position to the extent of optical rotation of the sample and the photomultiplier detector will produce an electrical signal with the frequency corresponding to the optical rotation of the sample. This signal after passing through the selective frequency circuit and power amplifier drives the servo-motor & in turn the analyzer until the optical zero position is regained. The analyzer rotation is measured by an encoder and is displayed on the digital readout as the optical rotation of the sample.

    DIGITAL POLARIMETER CDP - 001 Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

    * Measures optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and sugar content.
    * Based on Optical Null principle.
    * Multiple readings and calculation of average value and standard deviation.
    * Measurement of dark samples upto 1% transmittance due to adjustment of high voltage supply to the detector in accordance with the darkness of sample.
    * RS-232 interface.
    * Large backlite LCD display.
    * Various types of sample tubes, Sample tube length : 100 mm or 200 mm
    * Software for computer interface (Optional)




    XRF is used to detect and analyze noble metals like Gold ( Au), Silver (Ag), Platinum (Pt),Iridium (Ir), Osmium (Os), Palladium (Pd), Rhodium (Rh), Ruthenium (Ru), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Nickel (Ni), Cadmium (Cd), Iron (Fe), Cobalt (Co), Indium (In), Tin (Sn), in the Jewellery Industry.

    Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technique relies on the detector and the detection circuit capability to resolve spectral peaks due to different energy X-Rays emitted when a primary X-Ray beam strikes a metal alloy corresponding to different elements in the sample, intensity of the spectrum radiation proportional to the concentration of element. The spectrum is then processed through the powerful computer software which calculates and reports the various elements & their composition in the sample.

    XRF Gold Purity Tester consists of X-Ray tube, high voltage power supply for X-Ray source, X-Ray tube filters, X-Ray fluorescence Detector, processing electronics and system interface & an external computer. A camera is incorporated in the system to view the sample on the computer screen.