Contech Dissolved Oxygen Meter incorporates membrane electrode method to measure dissolved oxygen concentration, and saturation of water solution. Polarographic type dissolved oxygen electrode offers quick response, accurate measurement, short polarization time along with features for automatic salinity and temperature compensation & air pressure correction with the help of built in air pressure sensor. DO meters are useful for aquaculture, monitoring of water resource, beverage production, sewage disposal, biological agriculture, environmental protection and scientific research.


* Dissolved oxygen and temperature measurement.
* Polarographic type DO electrode offers short polarization time, quick response and precise measurements.
* Easy to use electrode calibration sets and diaphragm cap.
* Dissolved oxygen electrode with the salinity measurement feature to achieve automatic salinity & temperature compensation.
* Automatic air pressure correction with the help of air pressure sensor.
* Bi directional RS232 interface. Baud rate selectable from 1200,2400,4800 and 9600.
* Single and continuous print out of readings.
* Multiple Printout types. Combinations selectable from Different Measuring Parameters.
* Real Time Clock. Calibration report as per GLP requirements.
* Memory storage of 100 test results.
* Data logging facility up to 500 results. Data logging interval selectable from 5S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 1M, 2M and 5M.


Measurement Range   DO : 0~40.00mg/L (ppm), 0~200.0% Temperature : 0 ~ 45°C
  Precision   DO : +1 FS Temperature : +0.4°C
  Temperature correction   Automatic 0~45°C
  Salinity correction   Automatic 0~45ppt
  Air pressure correction   Automatic 80 ~ 105kPa
  Display   Backlight LCD
  Power   9V/ 500 mA External adaptor or battery backup unit (Optional)
  Operating Temperature   15~45°C
  Meter Dimensions (mm)   165 (L) x 190 (D) x 60 (H)
  Meter Weight   700 g
  Electrode   DO electrode-EDO01

* Power : 9V/ 500 mA External adaptor
* Operating Temperature : 15~45°C
* Meter Dimensions (mm) : 165 (L) x 190 (D) x 60 (H)
* Meter Weight : 700 g
* Optional Accessories : Magnetic Stirrer MS-01, Battery backup unit BBEC-01 Calibration Standards