Conductivity Meters ms,µs,mg/L,ppt,°C


Contech Laboratory Conductivity Meter can measure Conductivity, Resistivity, Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), Salinity & Temperature of any solution. This instrument is suitable in the field of water quality monitoring, aqua culture, biological agriculture, scientific & educational research, food safety, petrochemical and environmental protection. It uses ECNG01 glass electrode with a platinum plate sensitive element coated with platinum black to avoid errors due to polarization especially in solutions of high conductivity.


* Conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids(TDS), salinity & temperature measurement.
* Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
* 1 point calibration for the entire range.
* Bi directional RS232 interface. Baud rate selectable from 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600.
* Single and continuous print out of readings.
* Multiple Printout types. Combinations selectable from different measuring units.
* Real Time Clock. Calibration report as per GLP requirements.
* Memory storage of 100 measurements.
* Data logging facility up to 500 results. Data logging interval selectable from 5S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 1M, 2M and 5M.
* Temperature calibration with respect to solution of known temperature.


 Measurement Range   Conductivity : 0~200mS/cm spread into 
5 ranges 0.00~20.00µS/cm, 20.0~200.0 µS/cm, 
200~2000 µS/cm, 2.00~20.00mS/cm, 
20.0~200.0 mS/cm, 
Resistivity : 0~100MΩcm
TDS : 0~100ppt (g/L) 
Salinity : 0~100ppt
Temperature : -10.0 ~ 110.0°C
  Precision   Conductivity : +1% FS
Temperature : +0.4°C
  ATC    0~50°C
  Display   Backlite LCD
  Power   9V/ 500 mA External adaptor or battery backup unit (Optional)
  Operating Temperature   15~45°C
  Meter Dimensions (mm)   165 (L) x 190 (D) x 60 (H)
  Meter Weight   700 g
  Electrode   Conductivity electrode - ECNG01 
Temperature sensor electrode- ETS01

* Power : 9V/ 500 mA External adaptor
* Operating Temperature : 15~45°C
* Meter Dimensions (mm) : 165 (L) x 190 (D) x 60 (H)
* Meter Weight : 700 g
* Optional Accessories : Magnetic Stirrer MS-01, Battery backup unit BBEC-01 Calibration Standards.