PRECISION BALANCES (0.01g to 5000g)

Contech High Precision Balances incorporate advanced Electro Magnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) technology for offering unmatched accuracy and reliability, coupled with unique ADC circuit with inbuilt temperature compensation to offer a very high stability upto a resolution of 6 million counts. All adjustment parameters are programmable to take care of any minor mismatch of different sub assemblies & Balances are configured with these parameters.

Backlite LCD Display
Customized, large, attractive LCD with multiparameter display illuminated by white backlite.
Bi directional RS 232 interface
RS 232 port with selectable baud rate 4800,9600.Various interface formats adopting this Balance in a setup to replace any other leading international brand Balance.Can be configured for an USB Interface using optional RS 232 to USB converter
GSM function
GSM function for paper & cloth quality checking.
Multiple Weighing Units
Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Carats, Mommes, Pennyweights, Grains, tola, Mesghal, Chinese taels.
Percentage Weighing
Display of Reference weight, sample weight, % of sample with respect to reference weight
Piece Counting
Parts calibration using preset quantity of samples or programmable quantity. Automatic count correction for precise calibration
Fill Mode
1 set point - Indication when sample weight exceeds the set limit.
2 set points – Indication when the sample weight is between the lower & upper limits.
Storage of maximum 200 samples.
Multiple Printing Mode
0,1,2,3 modes for various formats.Pause in case data storage capacity in a Printer is less.
External Calibration
Using preset weights.
Known weights can be corrected to + 15 counts.
Response Time:
User selectable – Slow / Normal /Fast.
Stability Band Width
Stability indicator appears on display with counts variation + 1, + 2, +3, + 4.
Auto Zero Tracking
User selectable 0,1,2,3
Return to Zero Tracking
Variable: 0,1,2,3,4
Display Updation
Speed setting : Fast / Normal.


Models   CBB-600   CBB-1000   CA-1202   CBB-360D   CBB-600D   CBB-603D   CBB-1000D
  Capacity   600g   1000g   1200g   60/300g   300/600g   100/600g   500/1000g
  Readability   0.01g   0.01g   0.01g   0.001/0.01g   0.005/0.01g   0.001/0.01g   0.005/0.01g
  Repeatability (+/-)   0.01g   0.01g   0.01g   0.001/0.01g   0.005/0.01g   0.002/0.01g   0.01/0.02g
  Linearity(+/-)   0.01g   0.02g   0.02g   0.002/0.02 g   0.005/0.02g   0.002/0.02g   0.01/0.02g
  Pan Size   125 mm   125 mm   150 mm   100 mm   125 mm   100 mm   125 mm

Models   CAC-1502   CAC-2202   CA-3102   CA-4102   CA-5002   CBB-3600D   CBB-4000D
  Capacity   1500g   2200g   3100g   4100g   5000g   600/3000g   1000/4000g
  Readability   0.01g   0.01g   0.01g   0.01g   0.01g   0.01/0.1g   0.01/0.1g
  Repeatability (+/-)   0.01g   0.02g   0.02g   0.02g   0.02g   0.02/0.2g   0.02/0.2g
  Linearity(+/-)   0.02g   0.03g   0.03g   0.03 g   0.03g   0.003/0.3g   0.04/0.4g
  Pan Size   165x175mm   165x175mm   150 dia   150 dia   150 dia   150 dia   150 dia

Optional Features
RS 232 to USB interface converter. 
ISO GLP compliance.
Real time clock (RTC).
Density determination kit.
Weigh below hook for density determination.
Yarn count with temperature compensation.
Denier measurement for silk & synthetic yarn.
Cocoon assessment with statistical analysis for cocoons.
Software for SQC (Statistical Quality Control) for Pharmaceutical Industries.
Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD).

Specifications :
Taring Range : Up to full capacity 
Response time : 3-5 seconds 
Power Req : 90-250V, 50/60Hz, 10 Watt 
Operating Temperature : 10 to 45 deg C