Industries require special type of scales based on the ambience of weighing, type of weighing to facilitate the ease of handling of weighing material and increase the speed of weighing. Contech has wide range of special scales like Flameproof Scales for Ammunition factory, weighing of highly explosive chemicals, Waterproof Scales for Aqua Industries, Platform Scales with ramp and roller for ease of loading & unloading of carboy and drums, Milk Weighing Systems for the milk collection units and dairies.

MILK BOWL WEIGHING SYSTEMS (100 g - 500 kg ) Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Platform Scales for small milk collection centers and Bowl type scales for big Dairy Farms.
* Programmable conversion factor for kilograms to litre.
* RS232 output for computer interface.
* Rugged construction to withstand rough usage in dairy farms.
* Optional stainless steel bowl in S.S.304.
* Optional stainless steel Construction.



Model   300K100   500K100
  Capacity   300 kg   500 kg
  Accuracy   100 g   100 g

Taring Range : Up to full capacity
Response time : 3 secs
Power Req : 90-250V, 50/60Hz, 10 Watt
Operating Temperature : 10 to 45 deg C