GOLD PURITY CHECKING BALANCE Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

* Measurement based on Archimedes' principle incorporating High Precision electronic weighing scale.
* Accurate, Reliable and non destructive testing method.
* Provision to enter water temperature for temperature compensation of density value.
* Over load and shock load protection for weighing scale.
* Display of gold purity in % as well as karat.
* Gold purity checking in gold-copper-silver, gold-silver, gold-copper alloys.
* Can be used to check other precious metals like platinum, palladium etc. by using mixture proportion function.
* RS-232 interface for printer / computer connection.
* Spacious tank for big ornaments, special design of tank to reduce buoyancy error.
* Hollow ornaments, ornaments inlaid with stones cannot be checked.


  Models   CAH-300   CAH-600
  Capacity   300g   600g
  Accuracy   0.01g   0.01g
  Density  Accuracy   0.01 g/cc   0.01 g/cc