HIGH PRECISION BALANCES (CAH Series) Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

HIGH PRECISION BALANCES (CAH Series) 0.001g to 1000g


Backlite LCD Display
Bi directional RS 232 interface
GSM function
Multiple Weighing Units
Percentage Weighing
Piece Counting
Fill Mode
1 set point - Indication when sample weight exceeds the set limit.
2 set points – Indication when the sample weight is between the lower & upper limits.
Storage of maximum 200 samples.
Multiple Printing Mode
External Calibration
Response Time:
User selectable – Slow / Normal /Fast.
Stability Band Width
Auto Zero Tracking
User selectable 0,1,2,3
Return to Zero Tracking
Variable: 0,1,2,3,4
Display Updation
Speed setting : Fast / Normal.
* Removable breeze shield with 2 side and top glass sliding door

Optional Features (Extra charges applicable)
* 5" Touch screen graphic display.
* 21CFR Part 11 compliance (Optional only with TFT display)
* Motorized internal calibration.
* RS 232 to USB interface converter.
* GLP compliance/RTC.
* Density determination kit.
* Weigh below hook for density determination.
* Yarn count with temperature compensation.
* Denier measurement for silk & synthetic yarn.
* Standard weights / weight box.

Taring Range : Up to full capacity
Response time : 2-3 seconds
Power Req : 90-250V, 50/60Hz, 10 Watt
Operating Temperature : 10~45 deg C
Dimension (mm) :
Standard Model - 310(L) x 210(W) x 330(H)
internal Calibration/Touch Screen model - 345(L) x 220(W) x 340(H)

* All Specifications and designs are subject to change for improvement.

High Precision Balances without motorized internal calibration

MODELS CAH-53 CAH-123 CAH-223 CAH-323 CAH-413 CAH-503
CAPACITY 50g 120g 220g 320g 410g 500g
READABILITY 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g
REPEATABILITY (+/-) 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.002g
LINEARITY (+/-) 0.001mg 0.001mg 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg
PAN SIZE 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm

High Precision Balances without motorized internal calibration

MODELS CAH-603 CAH-803 CAH-1003
CAPACITY 600g 800g 1000g
READABILITY 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g
REPEATABILITY (+/-) 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg
LINEARITY (+/-) 0.003mg 0.004mg 0.004mg
PAN SIZE 125mm 125mm 125mm